At Purple Wine + Spirits, our winemaking roots run deep. We are blessed with a team of talented winemakers with over 100 years of collective winemaking experience. Led by wine industry veteran Ed Filice, Purple’s winemakers have worked throughout the viticultural regions of Central and Northern California as well as Europe, New Zealand, South America and Australia.

Filice’s team strives to create exceptional wines that deliver beyond expectation. They do this by leaving no stone unturned. By constant experimentation. Purple’s winemakers are artisans and artisans do not craft by formula or recipe. Vintages and batches are aged differently, depending on what will enhance quality. For example, vineyards are carefully evaluated each year to assure that Purple secures the finest grapes possible. Our winemakers use French and Eastern European oak in creative and impactful ways that vary from year to year. Finally, they work with several coopers to assure that they have the flexibility to choose what works best with each wine.