Winemaking and Crush

At Purple Wine + Spirits our winemaking and cellar teams provide the highest level of winemaking expertise, technical advice and guidance for our clients and their winemaking needs. With a full-time winemaking staff, we follow our clients’ winemaking and production protocol with detailed care and consideration. Whether pressing white juice, bottling custom blends or making finished case goods from a custom crush, we work closely with clients to ensure a quality product with superior customer service every time.Our experienced staff winemakers work closely with our clients’ consulting winemakers to ensure custom crush and winemaking protocols are executed to exact specifications. At Purple Wine + Spirits we use modern equipment and offer a wide variety of custom crush and winemaking services to suit almost any program.

Our winemaking services include

  • Red crush and fermentation
  • White press and fermentation
  • Whole cluster press
  • White wine fermentation in barrel or stainless tank
  • Red wine aging in barrel
  • 22-section automatic full service Tom Beard barrel washing line
  • Barrel storage
  • Stainless tank storage ranging in size from 1,100 gallons to 66,000 gallons
  • State-of-the-art winemaking management from crush to case goods using AMS software
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