• Benham’s Sonoma Dry Gin

    “Sonoma Dry” is a distinctive new style of gin that combines the classic juniper character of London Dry with the bright, citrus notes of New Western style blending the best of both worlds: intense, rich juniper artfully balanced with fresh citrus and exotic spices. Sip it neat of watch it shine in cocktails.

  • Benham’s Barrel Finished Gin

    The taste is big, bold, and well-balanced. It touches every part of the palate. Rich, ripe juniper is well-integrated and provides the framework for the Zinfandel barrel additions of warm baking-spice notes with a touch of dark buckwheat honey and candied citrus. On the nose, there is a fragrance of warm cardamom, and truffle-like angelic earthiness.

  • Benham’s Vodka

    Tastes the way a vodka should taste; crisp, smooth, and creamy. Our vodka is made from a base of organic wheat, cracked red wheat, grapes, and rye. Each ingredient contributes a unique flavor component: creamy, toasty richness from the wheat; floral fruitiness from the grapes; spicy structure from the rye. Balances well in both classic and modern-style cocktails.

  • Redwood Empire American Whiskey

    Redwood Empire’s proprietary blend of house-distilled and port barrel-rested rye whiskies includes mature stocks of four, five, and eleven-year-old bourbon aged in classic high-char American Oak casks. Rye-forward and 90-proof, its full body is complemented by subtle, spicy notes and an indulgent vanilla-caramel finish.