CONTRACT SERVICES – Purple Wine + Spirits

Purple Wine + Spirits is a full-service crush-to-bottle contract winery partnering with wine producers from all over the United States to crush, ferment, barrel, and bottle for programs of all sizes.

Every year we crush over 8,000 tons, bottle nearly four million cases and provide barrel services for over 50,000 barrels of wine for our clients both large and small all while using some of the most environmentally sustainable practices in the industry.

With three modern facilities throughout Sonoma County and Napa County we can accommodate nearly any program. With superior customer service and a wide array of equipment including state-of-the-art crush facilities, over three million gallons of stainless cooperage, and three modern bottling lines, we can tailor our facilities and highly experienced staff to match your program, so you can spend the time connecting with your distributors, building your customer base and growing your brands.

At Purple Wine + Spirits we have tailored our business to match the size of almost any wine program from private label to large contract producers. Whether you’re producing 1,000 cases or 1,000,000 cases, as your brand grows, we grow with you.

Winemaking and Crush

Purple Wine + Spirits’ winemaking and cellar teams provide the highest level of winemaking expertise, technical advice and guidance for our clients and their winemaking needs. We use modern equipment and offer a wide variety of custom crush and winemaking services to suit almost any program.

Our winemaking services include

  • Red crush
  • White press and fermentation in barrel or stainless tank including whole cluster pressing
  • Barrel operations including steam sanitation
  • Stainless tank storage ranging in size from 1,100 gallons to 66,000 gallons
  • State-of-the-art winemaking management from crush to case goods using Microsoft NAV software

Barrel Storage

At Purple Wine + Spirits we offer full-service storage and cellar management for winery barrel programs. Our experienced cellar staff and modern lab facilities provide peace of mind so customers can trust their wines are well looked after.

Bottling Services

With six modern bottling lines at Purple Wine + Spirits, we have the flexibility and capacity to suit nearly any volume bottling.
Whether labeling a small private label project or contracting a 20,000 case per day run, we can handle your program with experience and precision that we can deliver on time.

Quality & Control

All wines crafted or bottled at Purple Wine + Spirits are subject to rigorous protocols and standards for safety and quality. Our experienced staff of Quality Control professionals use stringent oversight methods to assure quality, meet our clients’ specifications and comply with government regulations.


With our experienced compliance department, we’ll help you to navigate the intricate world of federal and state laws that govern the wine industry. Our compliance department will help add your DBA to our basic permit, manage new label approvals and ensure that all projects comply with government protocols and standards.

Our Facilities

Graton: Aiding as Purple Wine + Spirits main headquarters, our production facility sits on 10 acres dedicated to sustainable wine making, aging, and bottling. Originating in 1947, the Hallberg Cannery was built to process apples until the sale of the property in the late 70’s when Chateau St. Jean turned the building into a wine bottling plant. Fast forward nearly 20 years to 2001 when Derek Benham founded Purple Wine + Spirits and made roots in Graton, CA on the old Hallberg property. Currently in Graton, we can produce up to 3 million cases a year, have 3 active bottling lines and have our very own distillery.

Olivet: Sitting in the heart of Sonoma County’s Russian River Valley is our Olivet Winery where we focus primarily on the production of Russian River Pinot Noir and Chardonnay with the use of open top fermenters. This location hosts wine making, crush, barrel aging, and storage. Olivet Winery lies on 9 acres and is capable of crushing 4,500 tons of fruit, storing 445 gallons of stainless-steel tanks, and producing up to 250,000 cases each year.

American Canyon: Our American Canyon location is a modern warehouse wine production facility. The American Canyon location is centrally located in the Green Islands Industrial Park. This is a true end-to-end winery; crush to bottle and everything in between. Sitting on 128,000 square feet, this location manages a 5,000-ton crush capacity, one million gallons of tank storage, space for storing up to 15,000 barrels, and one bottling line that is fully programmable from filler to palletizer.

Summary of Services by Facility

Graton: Winemaking, Barrel Storage, Tank Storage, Bottling

Olivet: Crush, Winemaking

American Canyon: Crush, Winemaking, Barrel Storage, Tank Storage, Bottling

For inquires please contact Eric Gilliland , VP of Operations